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Meet Steve

I am America first and a Florida first Patriot. I am PRO LIFE and believe this will be one of the biggest parts of my mission as your Senator. I believe that the Constitution of our country and our state are brilliant documents to guide us. I also believe that conservative principles are what brings about the best and most prosperous life for all citizens. I want the best for all Floridians. What I'm not is a long term politician or a smooth talking politician. In fact, I have never had an interest in running for office. I am rather quiet and a heads down get it done kinda guy. I'm the kinda person that likes to research things to get the right answers and I want to get the right things done for you.


Why I'm Running

As a Christian, I care about people and want to make life better for all of us. That starts with letting the babies be born. Next, I want to see our children get a good education not an indoctrination and I will always fight for parental rights. I want good paying jobs, low gas prices and for you to afford to make a good life for you and your family.


My Background

While in the Marines (1981-85) I led 3 work centers repairing advanced electronics for planes and helicopters. I moved to Orlando in early 1989. All together I have spent 27 years in the Orlando area and proudly call it home for my family. I have spent 34+ years working for a large defense contractor in the area. During that time I worked engineering, sustainment, logistics and managed many efforts.  I also spent close to 4 years in Afghanistan, 1 year in Iraq, 1 year in Kuwait, 10 mo in UAE, 4 months in Taiwan and numerous trips to other countries around the world. These trips were all spent supporting and training the military.


My Faith and Family 

After some wild younger years, I became a Christian at age 28. After growing in the faith, I was a part-time children’s pastor at 2 small churches. I believe we love and care for everyone as they all are valued in God’s eyes. My wife and I met at church on the morning of Dec 31, 2000. I was the children’s pastor and I offered to fix her car which started our friendship and eventual marriage on July 7, 2001. We both know what it is like to be single parents and raise children by yourself. When we met she had 4 children ages 10-16 from her first marriage and I had one 11 year old son and two step children that I had been raising for many years.

Because we had a heart for single parents and singles we led the singles ministry for several years until being called to other ministries. Susan started teaching the senior ladies and I began helping a pastor plant a small church for mostly migrant workers and their children.


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